Downtown 1958

Downtown 1958

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Washington Street Bridge Dedication

Postcard from around 1927

Buried in this August 19, 1920 article (above) from the Oshkosh Northwestern is a small mention of the city's plans for the September 9th dedication of the Washington Street Bridge.

More elaborate detail is shown (below) in this September 9th piece:

But it is, again, buried after a report about the electrotypers' convention and of how their wives (presumably) were allowed a drive to High Cliff as an outing.  Who edited this?! 

Regarding the Oshkosh Northwestern of this era- I've noticed that articles seem to be written in great detail in advance of a special event, but then there is little or no follow-up on what actually transpired at or after the event.  For example, there were no photographs or words the next day about what actually happened at the dedication ceremony.  I'd like to have seen a photo, or at least a representational drawing, of the planned "dancing on the pavement" following the "program of addresses."  Not sure why news was handled like this at that time. 

The Appleton Post-Crescent of September 10, 1920 DOES give a synopsis of what happened at the dedication ceremonies, though perhaps it is because Appleton officials were in attendance, as evidenced by the secondary headline:

Nevertheless, I'm sure the dance was a huge success...probably welcomed more so than the speeches by three current mayors and six ex-mayors!  Whew!

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