Downtown 1958

Downtown 1958

Monday, January 14, 2013

Downtown View

This 1970s/80s postcard shows a view that no longer exists.  The area in the foreground of the photo has evolved, in that an office building now replaces the Menasha Furniture block and a dynamic mural of the city's history now fronts the city square from where the Bank of Menasha once stood.  

Nevertheless, let's begin the week with this view of a vibrant downtown looking east from Chute Street towards the city center on a lovely summer's day. The Bank of Menasha is at the extreme right of the photo, the Hotel Menasha is behind the flag pole, and the R.M. Scott building containing the Menasha Utilities offices is directly across Milwaukee Street from Menasha Furniture.

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  1. Looks a lot better then today even with the hotel gone. Looks like business was better then. Too bad Nauts Landing closed.