Downtown 1958

Downtown 1958

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Climate is Salubrious....

From a book entitled  “Popular Resorts, and How to Reach Them: Combining a Brief Description of the Principal Summer Retreats in the United States, and the Routes of Travel Leading to Them" by John B. Bachelder, published in 1875

Menasha, being situated at the foot of Lake Winnebago and Lake Buttes des Morts, and embracing part of Doty's Island, furnishes picturesque and entertaining scenery, unsurpassed by any western town.

The climate is salubrious, and no place on the continent is freer from epidemics. The air is mild and bracing, and yields a vigor and endurance to the system that is above all price.

Lake Winnebago provides boating, sailing, and bathing facilities- Steamboats ply on its limpid waters, and sailing vessels can always be had, furnishing ample means for pleasure excursions. Rowboats are kept in connection with the National Hotel, always at the service of guests, furnishing a most agreeable exercise, on the ever placid waters of Fox River and adjacent bays of the lake. In connection healthful with other sports, fish and game are plenty, and the sportsman need have no lack of pleasurable novelties.

I love the way 19th century authors wrote- such flowery prose. Still, I had to look up the word "salubrious" to learn it means "favorable to the health of mind or body."  And I scratched my head, though only momentarily, at the mention of the town being free of epidemics.  Written in 1875, before the advent of modern sanitation and wonder drugs, it is easy to forget that typhus, cholera, influenza, yellow fever, and the like were once a common threat in parts of America and took a terrible toll on the populace.

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