Downtown 1958

Downtown 1958

Friday, March 27, 2015

Dreams of an Island CIty

November 16, 1935 Oshkosh Northwestern
Some of this naming has been touched upon in earlier blog posts.  But I'd still like a look at that map, as detailed in the above article.  I remember reading somewhere that Governor Doty originally had plans for what he termed "Island CIty," that Doty Island would be the prime focus of the settlement.  This article bears that out. But as we know, the Reed brothers and other civic leaders of the time had their own plans that precluded Governor Doty's dream.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Inseparably Bound Up Together

April 2, 1932 Appleton Post-Crescent
How often did we see something like this over the years?  Did we ever?   A declaration of good intentions to lessen the tensions between the two rival cities?  And signed by some of the biggest Neenah merchants and civic leaders of the day, no less.  To this day, some of the principles espoused in this statement remain as good advice as any in getting along with your neighbors.  Granted, it was a political ad designed to garner votes for Mr. Sande, but that doesn't negate the well-intentioned sentiments therein.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Oldest Pastor

July 18, 1920 Milwaukee Journal
At first I marvelled at this gentleman's constitution, when I encountered this during research on another matter.  But then, to discover later that he lived to be 102, as evidenced below.  Imagine the stories he could tell.  Wow!
April 12, 1932 Oshkosh Northwestern

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Home Style Cooking

March 24, 1959 Appleton Post-Crescent
Who could withstand the lure of Menasha's first stereophonic music while dining in coffee shop comfort?  In the 1950's, stereo was all the rage.  Tape recordings in stereo had been around since 1952 but they were prohibitively expensive.  Less expensive stereo records, on the other hand, had only been perfected in late 1957.  It all sounds so primitive today, when one can, say, watch a full length movie in the palm of one's hand.  But I'm sure the Valley's customers of 56 years ago reveled in the ambiance of stereophonic sound while enjoying their coffee and crullers.  

Monday, March 23, 2015

Legends of Butte des Morts

 February 3, 1900 Oshkosh Northwestern
There is a school of thought lately that the above legend isn't necessarily true.  Some will say that the burial area on the western shore of the lake was in use for hundreds, maybe even thousands of years before the Fox Wars when French forces conspired with the Menominees to massacre the Fox living near there. In the above article, Mr. Lawson himself seems skeptical.  But in spite of whatever you might think about the origins of the term "hill of the dead," no one can argue that the name "Butte des Morts" in all its variations is with us for the long term.  

Friday, March 20, 2015

Early St. Mary's

St. Mary's Catholic Grade School from 1898

This school building in the foreground was built in 1893 by then pastor, Reverend Andrew Schubert for $15,000.  It supplemented the original school built in 1868.  The St. Mary centennial booklet from 1967 tells us the school was "situated close to the Second Street curbing, just east of the walk leading to the (present) high school site." 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Fred Loescher Buffet -1913

November 3, 1924 Appleton Post-Crescent

Originally known as Fred Loescher's Sample Room, this ediface, with an address of 156 Main Street was really on the circle at the corner of Chute Street and Milwaukee, right next door to the Bank of Menasha.  We don't often remember that there was a time when the Bank of Menasha did not occupy ALL that space.  (The photo below gives a better perspective of what I'm talking about.)  Fred's better known sibling, George, ran the hardware store at the other end of Main Street, where Druck's Electric and, later Club Liquors would later reside.