Downtown 1958

Downtown 1958

Friday, December 2, 2016

War Prep

November 22, 1940, Appleton Post-Crescent
President Franklin Roosevelt (FDR), like most Americans, wasn't eager for the US to enter a global military conflict. But unlike the ardent isolationists, he also figured it was inevitable. Even though America didn’t officially join World War II until December 1941 right after Pearl Harbor, FDR started preparations in 1940.  The news articles above reflect some of the goings-on in Menasha in that era. 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

And Now We Are 3

November 25, 1968, Appleton Post-Crescent
We talked about this location back in 2013:  I always enjoyed the tipsy fish logo, from an era where comic drunkenness was more socially acceptable.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Let's Talk Turkey...

November 20, 1974 N-M Daily Northwestern
One of the "leftovers" from the holiday last week.  And if there's a way to feature a turkey in an ad around Thanksgiving, somebody will do it.  Don't forget to use your Master Charge or BankAmericard!  

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


November 20, 1958, Appleton Post-Crescent
A posed picture, to say the least, but a slice of a more innocent life we all experienced at one time or another.  School project or not, there was a certain magic about science kits and the space race as a kid growing up.  Remember Mr. Wizard?  Maybe I thought at the time I was the exception for not being obsessed with sports like some kids, but my best Christmas present ever was a chemistry set one year, with real chemicals that smelled and made smoke and came with a microscope and glass slides. Ah, science. 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Yours for Only $1.00

November 27, 1968, Neenah-Menasha Daily Northwestern
Growing up, we weren't Bank of Menasha customers, so I didn't have the pleasure of getting this dandy album for a dollar with a Christmas Club account.  But I do seem to recall similar albums being offered at Firestone and remember one in my parents' record collection amongst various polka albums, Frankie Laine, and Mitch Miller.  And a quick check of eBay reveals that it can be had today for the low price of $2.50 with $4.00 shipping!  I'm sure some of us still have record players if you are so inclined.... 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Delightful Menu (Wed)

November 20, 1971, Neenah-Menasha Daily Northwestern

I'm taking the remainder of the week off from the blog to spend time with family.  And in keeping with the holiday, let me bestow my thanks to you, dear readers, for your unflagging support of this blog.  Your interest, enthusiasm, and support make it all worthwhile.  I'll be back Monday, November 28th.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Oswald Acquaintance

November 26, 1963, Neenah-Menasha Daily Northwestern
Fifty-three years ago today, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.  I was in the first grade and I remember that day only too well, as do most of us of a certain age. This news article from four days later, details one Menasha resident's acquaintance with the assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald.  I did not know of the Menasha connection to this tragedy until very recently when I came across this story.