Downtown 1958

Downtown 1958

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Criminal Hijinks of a Juvenile Sort

November 8, 1969 Oshkosh Northwestern

All appears to have not been all sunshine and rainbows in the ol' hometown- larcenous pursuits by young would-be gentlemen?  Ye gods!  The "Get Smart" reference is so appropriate as this tale is straight out of a situation comedy.  Too bad the writer didn't let on as to how the boys were finally caught.  I wonder what their punishment was. 

And in my young naivete, as much as I revered the comic books sold there, if I'd have thought up this trick, I'd have been happy enough to crack open a root beer and spend the night reading everything in sight!  I wouldn't have thought twice about the $312 in the register when I'd have had Superman and Batman to spend time with.

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