Downtown 1958

Downtown 1958

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Finest That Money Can Buy

This advertisement is somewhat reminiscent of the old Gerber ads.  By associating the baby with the product, the marketer convinces us of their product's quality. Equating its texture and qualities with acceptability for baby's skin, they appeal to our softer side and thereby convey wholesomeness, safety, and confidence in what should ordinarily be just a utilitarian product.  But after all, if it's safe enough for our little ones, it's got to be great for the rest of the family, and ourselves.  Smart marketing.
This ad was found in the back of the 1935 Nicolet, Menasha High's yearbook, where sponsors and patrons put their ads. Yearbooks have traditionally been a medium that ordinarily just featured simple names and addresses.  But Wisconsin Tissue Mills was evidently proud enough of its product line to tout it in an unusual place, and give us a unique perspective of 1930's advertising.

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