Downtown 1958

Downtown 1958

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Menasha Boat Company

"Menasha has twenty or more manufacturing plants employing from five to twenty-five hands each which together contribute much to the prosperity of the city. One of the busiest of these is the factory of the Menasha Boat Co., located on the banks of Lake Butte des Morts near the Lawson pulley works. This factory was built in the fall of 1892 and began operations in the spring of the following year. It is a well-built structure, 28x50, two stories and a basement. Attached to it is the engine house containing a 05 h. p. engine and boiler which furnishes the power for the machinery consisting of saws, planers, Shapers, stickers, turn lathes and the like. The principal product is, of course, boats, and everything in this line from a small skiff to a steam yacht is built by the company. During the past five years hundreds of neat craft have been turn-built from hard and soft woods. In busy seasons a force of eight hands is given employment, while more or less work is done all through the year. The boats built by this company enjoy a high repute, and 'once a customer, always a customer,' seems to be quite applicable in this case. The head of the establishment is Mr. C. A. Sorenson, who came here in 1892 from Elmhurst, this state, where he had been operating a saw mill. Prior to this he was located at Tustin, where he was also engaged in manufacturing; in fact, he has been following that line of business steadily and with success during the past fifteen years." - June,1898 Menasha Press

In its heyday, this boat company was located on a street, and a property, that doesn't exist.  It's former space has long since been overtaken by the plant, currently known as SCA Tissue (formerly Wisconsin Tissue Mills) between First and Fourth Streets off Tayco.  More tomorrow. 

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