Downtown 1958

Downtown 1958

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Cycling Map 1897

This 1897 map is a portion of one of 12 maps showing the best bicycle routes in the state of Wisconsin. The League of American Wheelmen (L.A.W.) published maps for many states, usually in book form, sometimes as separate maps in a case. The maps are keyed to show the type of road. The roads are rated by two different scales: Numbered - 1=Level, 2=Hilly, 3=Very Hilly; Lettered - A=Good, B=Medium, C=Bad.   Note the roads east of Menasha are labeled as level, but bad.

from the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection via
Bicycle Road Maps In Sections of the State of Wisconsin.
Copyrighted and Published by the Wisconsin Division, League of American Wheelmen (L.A.W.)
C.B. Case, L.A.W. Map Department. 411 Milwaukee St., Milwaukee, Wis. 1897.


  1. An interesting feature of this map is the railroad line from Menasha to Appleton. This is not the one that still goes through St Mary's Cemetery built by the Milwaukee Road, but the Wisconsin Central line built to connect with the Milwaukee Lake Shore and Western to gain access to the south before they constructed their own line south from Neenah. Part of this line is still visible angling through the nature area at the southwest corner of Clovis Grove School grounds.

  2. What an interesting map and it opens up a whole new venue about the history of Menasha. Thanks for making this Blog so intereting.. We need another graet book about Menasha. Any chance that might happen?