Downtown 1958

Downtown 1958

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


September 3, 1937, Appleton Post-Crescent
     From Memories of Doty Island: A Link Between Two Cities (1999):  

     The only place to get a cold, non-alcoholic drink and a hamburger in Menasha's part of Doty Island was at the Kurbstor.
     The location was 222 Washington Street, the present site of a medical clinic. It was started as an A&W Root Beer stand. After prohibition had been repealed, a thirsty patron could buy a "pony" of beer to take home. However, the 1934 City Directory does not list the Kurbstor under "Taverns." It is under "Restaurants and Lunch Counters." Sometimes it was called the "Kurbstor Gardens" because some of the metal tables and chairs were placed behind the small kitchen in a trellised terrace so customers could eat outside, weather permitting. There were stone walkways and some landscaping which beautified the area.
     Howard F. Merrill was the proprietor and he and his wife lived at the same address for the first few years after the building was erected and the business was established. They found a variety of promotional schemes. One of the ideas was to bury a man alive about three feet down with a glass cover on his "coffin." This brought in many curiosity seekers. A number of people are still alive who remember being taken by their parents to look down at him.
     The Kurbstor existed for approximately ten years during the thirties-forties period.

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