Downtown 1958

Downtown 1958

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Service Calls $2.50

April 16, 1960, Appleton Post-Crescent
When did house calls to service one's television end?  Was it when everything became tubeless?  Remember those tube testing machines in hardware and grocery stores?  The cable installer coming to the house nowadays just isn't the same as having some tinkering guy working in the back of your walnut cabinet with a giant box of tubes in tow.  But nobody wanted to hear the dreaded, "I gotta take it back to the shop."  I remember very well coming home from school a few times to find the empty cabinet sitting there forlornly in the living room, devoid of its heart and soul.  How DID I manage without my daily dose of Colonel Caboose? 

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  1. The Drucks' phone number lacks the PAarkway prefix while Charlie Fuller's number at the hotel Menasha includes "PA." Future archeologists could use the date of this ad as a transition point when Ma Bell's monopoly made life a little more difficult.
    Jim Krahenbuhl