Downtown 1958

Downtown 1958

Friday, August 14, 2015

News Depot Fire

Firefighters fight a blaze at the News Depot at 210 Main Street in 1900. 

photo courtesy, Menasha Public Library


  1. what store is that now?

    1. Good question. It gets confusing because the street numbering in 1900 was not the same as it became in later years. Whereas the address of the News Depot in 1900 was 210 Main, in 1910, it had become 188 Main. In 1900, for example, Loescher Hardware (at Main and Racine) was listed at 110 Main and numbering increased moving west. By 1910, Loescher was now numbered as 240 Main and numbering now decreased going west.

      The Weathervane restaurant is at 186 Main today, so whatever is to the right of that restaurant, that ought to be it.