Downtown 1958

Downtown 1958

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Gilbert's Duck Pond

July 17, 1964 NM Northwestern

(This snapshot obviously doesn't do justice to the duck pond in its former glory.) 

Oct 15, 1966 NM Northwestern
When completed in 1886 the Lawson Canal stretched nearly all the way from the end of River Way to the intersection of Ahnaip and Walnut Streets. The canal ran parallel to Ahnaip, with only enough space for an occasional frame boathouse at its western extremity. Clipped by a Chicago & Northwestern spur line after the turn of the century, the canal was further reduced by the construction of the Gilbert Paper Company offices and machine shop in 1919. What remained became known as the Gilbert Pond. In 1920 the Gilbert Pond was landscaped and at some point in time improved by a fountain. The pond became a year round home of wild and domestic ducks and geese and surrounded by various conifers and deciduous trees.
synopsis courtesy of Wisconsin Architecture and History Inventory, Division of Historic Preservation-Public History, Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison, Wisconsin



  1. I was born and Raised Accross the Street At 417 Ahnaip Street We would go there feed the Ducks all the Time. What a cool Place Loved just Sitting There Relaxing Watching all the ducks!!!!!!

  2. Growing up in Appleton, it was always a treat when our dad would get my brother and I into the car to drive to Menasha to see the ducks. I'm guessing this was the early 1950's.