Downtown 1958

Downtown 1958

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cherry Sparkle

The Whiting Airport Office, Airport Road, Menasha
This office can also be seen at the center of the bottom photo, showing its relation to the rest of the airport. That Cherry Sparkle sign intrigued me so I did a Google search and learned it was a soft drink bottled by the Pulaski Soda Works of Pulaski, Wisconsin.  What was even more intriguing was other examples of the company's signage , which merited a MAD magazine Alfred E. Neuman lookalike, so prevalent in early advertising. 

As I've described before, the airport opened for use in March 1928 and lasted only until 1930, when it was closed due to its losing money. In later years, the telltale shape of the hangar was still evident as it became a Goodwill store and later a hardware store.

bottom photo courtesy of Menasha Public Library
top photo courtesy of NeenahHistory via Flickr, under Creative Commons license


  1. Kitz and Pfeil is there now. I'm not sure if the building is still the original but my parents referred to the building as quansit (sp?) hut.

  2. the original hangar is still there as the showroom for lawnmowers etc.. at Kitz and Pfeil. Whitman Park is where the airfield was.