Downtown 1958

Downtown 1958

Monday, February 4, 2013

Downtown Facelift

March 30, 1976 Appleton Post-Crescent

If the latter part of the news article above is true, what might have developed in Menasha if appearances had been different?  It would be sad to think that business opportunities might have been lost due to the preception of too many taverns concentrated in one area or that so-called abuse at City Hall. 

But one also wonders if this is just putting a better spin on a missed opportunity for the reporter.   Menasha, along with hundreds of other Wisconsin communities, prospered in spite of its many taverns and bars over the years.  Either the J. C. Penney rep had a particular bone to pick with Menasha or Mr. Engel or he just didn't understand our state!

Today, this block is totally gone.  But you can see the finished product in the photo in between the parked cars above at the right. 

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