Downtown 1958

Downtown 1958

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Social Items

January 9, 1928, Appleton Post-Crescent
For your reading pleasure, a series of social items for Menasha residents to ponder over, courtesy of the Post-Crescent.  It certainly WAS another era when the condition of ice cut from Lake Winnebago was considered a newsworthy item.  And where did the Menasha hockey team play and practice locally?  Past editions of the Post-Crescent refer to the team using the "Menasha High School rink."  I am assuming that was adjacent to the high school which then resided on today's public library site.  Remembering the ice rink at what later became known as Racine Street Park at the same location (before the present library was built), I'm sure it must have been there.

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  1. In re: Menasha Ice and Fuel Co., a mention in the Back in Time column of the News Record of December 27, 2017, in 1942 the City authorized an expenditure of $4,500 to buy the property of the bankrupt company located on Paris Street and make residential use of the land. There was a rail line that went down the west side of De Pere Street from the main line north of Third Street to the river, I presume to service the fuel and ice business.