Downtown 1958

Downtown 1958

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Dogtown Flag

July 22, 1969, Neenah-Menasha Daily Northwestern
Does this monument exist anymore?  I found this during some random checking and was intrigued enough to do a Google Earth scan, but came up empty-handed.  I also found three different articles about the flagpole with three different locations mentioned, which to me makes no sense.  The original article from 1918, when the flagpole was planned, stated that it was to be at Garfield Avenue and Madison Street.  But those two streets run parallel to each other.  Then, an article a few months before this one in May 1969 talks about it being at Railroad and Madison.  But when you refer to the above article, and although it restates the Railroad and Madison idea, speaking about residents gathering there for the mayor's remarks, the article later says that the "flag staff was raised on the east side of Abbey Avenue."  But Abbey Avenue runs east and west so there is no east side of Abbey Avenue.  As of October 2013 on Google Earth, there is a vacant lot at the T intersection of Railroad and Madison.  Could it have been there?

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  1. Good question, I would reach out to the Menasha VFW Chapter -