Downtown 1958

Downtown 1958

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Big Valentine Show

February 6, 1964, Appleton Post-Crescent
Remember when theaters would cater to kids with special event shows and prize giveaways?  I recall attending several of these events and, looking back, I cannot imagine what it took to corral so many young children at once!  Of course today, most parents wouldn't (and couldn't, if they wanted to) dream of dropping off an 8 year old alone or (perish the thought, with a younger sibling!) for an afternoon like this.  Not to mention the parental scorn from others, should one dare to give the kids some latitude.  Many articles have been written about this new "religion" of parenthood (thou shalt not criticize my child, my child comes first, etc.), but that's a discussion better left to another blog. 

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