Downtown 1958

Downtown 1958

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Dugout Bar

So, the Dugout Bar was really located at 401 North Commercial in Neenah in the late 1930s.  But Mr. Hart was one of those individuals who wasn't exclusively a Neenah or Menasha guy.  He was born in Menasha and also had had a shoe business there - the Hart Shoe Hospital- located on Chute Street in the earlier part of that decade.  In later years, as he settled into the hospitality trade, he ran the Hart Hotel, a lodging establishment on Commercial Street, across from the C&NW railroad station.  And, as inferred from his business card, he had served in World War I with the Red Arrow Division.  So many of us, over time, crossed lines when it came to Neenah and Menasha that it really became one entity in a lot of ways.  I'm sure it stands that way today as well.

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