Downtown 1958

Downtown 1958

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Downtown 1955

Forgive me if I've offered this photo before, but to me, you can't beat a good view of the downtown, regardless of the era.  This comes from September 1955 and is courtesy of the Appleton Post-Crescent.  I've compared this to the 1958 color version that headlines this blog and besides the parked cars and traffic, there is little change in those three years, save for a sign change at the Ace Bar from Schlitz to Pabst, adding another sign to the Coffee Shop announcing that it is air conditioned, the removal of the hanging Rexall sign in front of Hidde's Pharmacy and the addition of a Walgreens agency sign, and the bold lettering for Tuchscherer's shoe store.  Lots to see if you look closely enough.  Why, it's almost like one of those "can you spot the changes" puzzles.  I'm sure I missed something.  Readers?


  1. Speaking of downtown, and now that we are entering the holiday season, does anyone else remember the lighted plastic decorations Menasha hung on the light poles in the 1960s?
    As a kid, I was completely enthralled with those things. I wonder if they are stashed away some where.

    1. I've inquired about the gargoyles (I have seen 2 gargoyles in some old photos??). What ever happened to the steer head?

  2. It almost seems like I've seen this picture before.