Downtown 1958

Downtown 1958

Friday, March 13, 2015

Sally Pleasants

May 1, 1916 Oshkosh Northwestern

As you can see here from her obituary, Sally McCarty Pleasants was a long time resident of Menasha and her offspring later contributed to the civic progress and well-being of the city.  Her daughter, Lucy Lee Pleasants, the founding force and the first librarian of the Menasha Public Library, published a posthumous collection of her mother's reminiscences, entitled Old Virginia Days and Ways. It has been described  as "a delightful series of reminiscences of Virginia life before the Civil War" and in it Mrs. Pleasants related many interesting anecdotes of the McCarty side of her family.  She was the daughter of Colonel John Mason McCarty and his wife, Ann Lucinda Lee.  
 You can actually read her book online at:
This photograph is the frontispiece of the volume published posthumously in 1916.  Though not specified, my suspicion is that this attentive grandchild might be Mrs. George Banta's daughter, Eleanor.

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