Downtown 1958

Downtown 1958

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

John Strange's Birthday Party

from the Paper Trade Journal, 1912

Lest we forget, John Strange, despite his business successes in Menasha, was also elected as the 21st Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin in 1908, and served one term, from 1909 until 1911.
After his term ended, he continued his career in business.  When he died in 1923, he was president of the John Strange Paper Company, the John Strange Pail Company and the Stevens Point Pulp and Paper Company, as well as the director of R. McMillian Company. 

The Honorable S. A. Cook, mentioned here as toastmaster, was, of course, the namesake for the familiar armory that graced the border of the two towns for many years on Washington/Commercial Streets.


  1. Another interesting historical anecdote that tells us more about our city's heritage. Kudos to Mr. galassie for his diligent efforts to enhance our understanding of the rich history of Menasha. I noticed that he has been doing this Blog for two years and began soon after his book was published on our city. Credit goes to the Historical Society for their efforts too. Hopefully we will have another fascinating book by Mr. Galassie about our city. Anyone else agree with my proposal?

  2. another book? splendid idea!


  3. Another Book - Yes! In addition - with the pending demolition of Hotel Menasha, a photographic listing of lost historic structures would be most interesting. Did Menasha have splendid homes, such as those that grace Wisconsin Avenue in Neenah? What was located along the waterfront prior to the existing homes - were they cottages or businesses or stock yards? Can you give any insight as to why there are so many 'islands' of Town property within the boundaries of the City - why was it never brought into the City? Why was Broad Street made one-way - and the only one-way street in the City? Is there a story behind the 'skinny' trees planted along Ahnaip Street near the former Banta building? So many questions!