Downtown 1958

Downtown 1958

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hello Robert, Why Don't You Write?

This 1907 postcard reflects the format of its day; later that year, US postcard regulations would change where writing would hence forward be allowed on the reverse, instead of on a reduced photo side, as portrayed here. 
This scan doesn't show it well, but the message is to one Robert E. Jennings of Menominee, Michigan from his Aunt Addi.  She writes: "Hello Robert, why don't you write?  You know we like to get letters.  P.S.  Edith says, when are you going to send the puppy?"
Today, Aunt Addi would have texted Robert, or perhaps email him.  But still, there's nothing like sending familial guilt, whatever the media and whatever the era. 
And as for the P.S., how DOES one get a puppy from Menominee to Menasha in 1907? 

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  1. Across the street from the Valley that car could be Doc. Corry's. His office was above the bank and that was well understood to be his private parking place. In later years it had a red curb but he never got a ticket. Those beautiful street lamps were somehow replaced. I have seen a few at an apt complex on the old Pulley Works site off Tayco St. What idiot City official sold them? Both Sonnenberg's (lime phosphates) and Morton's (Chocolate cokes) drug stores are there. Hiddies is also seen. At that time they probably had a fountain. In the mid fifties Al Hiddie removed the fountain and replaced it with a greeting card section. Bummer. Hedberg's drug, the 4th pharmacy in this small town (??) is just out of sight (cherry cokes). Keep up the good work David. I have coffee with you every morning.