Downtown 1958

Downtown 1958

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

For Expert Radio Repairs....

This was part of an "Opening Day at the Appleton Foxes promotion that the Post-Crescent carried in 1958- ads with well wishes for the team to have a great season, punctuated with timely articles about the Foxes. 

But really, it is a reflection of its time.  It falls into the category of jobs no one performs anymore...would anybody even consider having a radio repaired nowadays?  And really...who would do it?  Even if radios had the cachet that today, say, a wide screen plasma TV has, chances are you'd get a replacement before anybody would crack open the back of it and get to work.  And that's likely sending it off to Korea to boot. 

163 Main Street would have been located in the block between the Hotel Menasha (177 Main) and where the third generation of the old First National Bank was built (161 Main).

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