Downtown 1958

Downtown 1958

Friday, December 6, 2013

Early School Board Members

In older blog posts, we've spoken individually of many of these city fathers.  Many politicians, yes, but also some captains of industry, merchants, and businessmen who, at various times, all contributed towards Menasha's quest for educational excellence as members of the School Board.  

This 1925 Nicolet photo montage of past school board members is a who's who of Menasha's history:  P.V. Lawson, mayor, author, attorney, orator; Silas Bullard,  mayor, city attorney, county judge, and vice-president of the First National Bank; John Schreibeis, policeman, grocer, alderman, postmaster; William Bublitz, real estate agent; John Marx, clothing merchant, alderman, president of John Strange Paper Company; Corydon P. Northrup,  insurance agent, city clerk, and the builder of the first house in Menasha in 1848 in what is now the middle of the intersection of Sixth and Milwaukee Streets; and John Rosch (sp), mayor and pharmacist, who introduced the first soda fountain to Menasha. 

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