Downtown 1958

Downtown 1958

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Gift Chairs for "Mother"

April 25, 1968, Neenah-Menasha Daily Northwestern
This little item is left over from Mothers Day a few weeks back.  In the ad copy, I'm not sure why the word "Mother" has quotes around it, but then they called that other set, "His and Hers" so it must have been their thing.  As I said a couple of years ago when I found a Menasha Furniture ad for Prospector Days, I didn't remember seeing a whole lot of ads for the store over the years, but this building nevertheless had a long and storied history at its location on the corner of Milwaukee and Chute streets.  In its many incarnations, it was a dry goods store, the first location for the city's public library, a movie theater, and finally a furniture store, before succumbing to urban progress and being razed for a brand new office building.  Over the years, the upstairs offices had headquartered businesses as diverse as attorneys and dentists and even a radio station in its final years. 

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