Downtown 1958

Downtown 1958

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Park Fun

July 17, 1965, Twin City News-Record
Fun in the sun a bit over fifty years ago.  I know Menasha still has an active parks department and summer schedule, but at the risk of sounding like an old codger, I'd bet it's skewed to the structured side, that is, more sports and less "goofy" events, if only in keeping with current societal norms and liability issues.  With all the emphasis on food allergies and safety considerations in today's litigious world, could a peanut hunt or a licorice eating contest even be held today if it involved kids? 

Granted, times change and things evolve and it can be argued that you don't miss what you don't know about.  So, I'm sure today's kids are well-taken care of in the summer fun department.  It's just us old guys, looking back through the mists of time, comparing our lives fifty years ago with the present. Our parents did it too.  As a kid, I remember finding my father's old leather football helmet from the thirties and being regaled with his anecdotes about how today's game didn't match up to his.  I probably rolled my eyes at hearing all that!  But all these years later...look out, I've become my father!

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  1. Spent many days at Hart Park as a child. I know many of the kids listed. Wouldn't it be fantastic if there were videos available from these events? Thanks for the memories!