Downtown 1958

Downtown 1958

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Driving Park's First Day...and Eventual Demise

 Neenah City Times, September 13, 1879
It must have been a glorious day for the community, to have had such a fine facility in its stead, the envy of all in the state, if one could believe the publicity. 
Neenah Daily Times, April 18, 1890
But as reported here on Monday, the driving park met its demise around 1889/1890, as the crowds dwindled and the potential (perceived or otherwise) for vice and ruinous behavior permeated the area around the track.  And in a Victorian age of modesty and decorum, such temptations were not welcome around God-fearing communities like Menasha or Neenah, not to mention that they likely kept some well-heeled patrons from the park because of its "reputation." 

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