Downtown 1958

Downtown 1958

Friday, June 19, 2015

Library Then and Now

The original public library downtown on Mill Street was used until 1969, when the new building, shown in the top photo, was built at 440 First Street.

In 2003, the library began a massive renovation. 18,000 square feet were added to the existing 28,000 square feet of the library. The $4.5 million project involved gutting and rebuilding the old building. 


  1. The first library location was on the second floor of Thomas Mitchell & Co.'s Dry Goods store. It was located there for at least one year. The first officers were: E. D. Smith president; Robert Brown vice-president; J. W. Ladd Treasurer; T. J. Brooks Secretary; Austin Eldridge librarian.

    Winnebago County Press Nov 26, 1870 and Dec 2, 1871.

    Don Nussbaum

  2. Do you noticed the 1-way traffic sign on First Street? Interesting that at some point First was reverted to 2-way - but Broad Street remained 1-way. Typically, 1-ways streets are planned in tandem... Broad Street needs to revert to 2-way