Downtown 1958

Downtown 1958

Monday, May 20, 2013

Letter Writing Campaign

May 17, 1962 NM Northwestern
Here's a unique news item from the ol' hometown, coinciding with the World's Fair in Seattle that year.  What I find so surprising isn't so much that Catholic schools could (and would) join together collectively nationwide to combat "indecency" in the pre-Vatican II era but that such a show would even get a permit in the first place.  And at the World's Fair?   We think of that era today in terms of "Leave It to Beaver" innocence but we forget there was always a sordid side, too. 
The Seattle Times reported that "About 20 models will pose in space-age costumes on a revolving stage as fairgoers take 'pin-up' photos with their own cameras or rented ones." (November 11, 1961) 
Of course times have certainly changed but I still cannot imagine that with such an emphasis on political correctness that such a show would even be considered today or be mentioned in the same breath as a world's fair                                             .   

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