Downtown 1958

Downtown 1958

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Twin Cities Centennial

March 14, 1973, NM Daily Northwestern

January 8, 1974 NM Northwestern

In 1973 and 1974, the Twin Cities had a combined centennial celebration which marked 100 years for each as cities- Neenah in 1873 and Menasha in 1874.  The whole thing kicked off forty years ago yesterday. 

Unlike the 1953 celebration, subsequent news articles portray this centennial celebration as being less than successful.  Reportedly, there were surpluses of souvenir merchandise, for example, and expenses not being met.  Perhaps some of these problems were due to its timing, coming during the 1970s recession and the stress of the oil embargoes and gas rationing.  Remember the long lines to buy gas? 

But all was not bleak- as in many such celebrations, a time capsule was buried near St. Thomas Episcopal Church on Washington Street as reported above.  The inscription reads:

                                                      TWIN CITIES
                                                      TIME CAPSULE
                                                      ONE HUNDRED ANNIVERSARY
                                                      NEENAH MENASHA 
                                                       1873-1973    1874-1974
                                                      TO BE OPENED MARCH 13 2074
                                                      CAPSULE CONTAINS RECORDS OF THE
                                                      N-M 100 CELEBRATION COMMUNITY
                                                      LIFE FAMILY HISTORIES CIVIC PROGRESS
                                                      TWIN CITIES CENTENNIAL INC

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